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Justice For
K. Ekim Alptekin

Featured in The Permanent Coup by Lee Smith (Chapter 8: The Scope pgs 111-116)

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Allegations against Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (Ret.)

(2:13 min)

On his personal experiences with the Mueller Investigation (2:24 min)

About legal fees (as of May 2nd, 2020) and other costs of the investigation (1:57 min)


Defense attorney Robert Barnes breaks down about the 4th Circuit overturning of the dismissal of the charges against Ekim's co-defendant Bijan Kian. (1:01 min)



On Nov. 8th, 2016 (US Election Day), Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (Ret.) penned this Op-Ed in The Hill warning about a reclusive cult leader named Fethullah Gülen, living in a guarded compound in the Pennsylvania Poconos Mountains.


Gülen is a political ally of the Clintons and a major donor to the Clinton Foundation who presents himself as a moderate Islamic Imam and an educator. Gen. Flynn warned it was all a façade and Gülen was "in fact a radical Islamist" who was operating a "vast global network [with] all the right markings to fit the description of a dangerous sleeper terror network" based out of the United States and supported by the US government.

On July 15, 2016, Turkey witnessed the bloodiest coup attempt in its history. Elements of the Turkish military launched a coordinated attack in all major cities aimed to topple the democratically elected government of Turkey. Soldiers and tanks took to the streets, major infrastructure such as airports were seized while Turkish fighter jets bombed their own parliament building and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs was kidnapped by his own security detail.


The coup attempt was put down when thousands of ordinary citizens took to the streets armed with makeshift weapons to face tank fire and aerial bombardments. Along with the help of loyalist soldiers and police forces, patriotic Turkish citizens were able to defeat the coup attempt.

In one night, more than 250 people were killed and thousands more were wounded. The country was thrown into turmoil by a small group of fanatics.

Based on investigations by various government institutions as well as media reports, Fethullah Gülen and the Gülen movement (FETO) were identified as the organizers of the violent coup attempt but for some reason this fact has not been widely reported in Western media.

Ekim Alptekin is a private businessman, entrepreneur, and a Dutch Turkish patriot who has been an outspoken critic of Gülen for many years. Out of concern for the well-being of his country and to help expose the national security threat Gülenists pose to Turkey's oldest ally, the United States, Ekim tried to convince the Government of Turkey to hire the Flynn Intel Group, Inc., headed by Gen. Flynn, to  objectively investigate Fethullah Gülen's involvement in the July 2016 Turkish Coup Attempt. When the Government did not act, Ekim stepped up and privately hired the Flynn Intel Group; an activity which is 100% legal and commonplace in Washington DC.

Many private intelligence companies operate inside the United States and elsewhere, and there is nothing nefarious about them beyond what is inherent to Intel gathering in general. In fact Fusion GPS is a private intelligence agency group which only goes to highlight the importance of hiring firms headed by individuals of high integrity like Gen. Flynn.

Now if you thought suspicions about Fethullah Gülen and the Gülenists was a recent revelation dreamt up by the Erdoğan government, you would be mistaken. Check out excerpts from this May 2012 CBS News 60 Minutes story (over 4 years before the July 2016 coup attempt) showing there were serious concerns about Gülen and his movement in the US Media and US State Dept before both went mysteriously silent.

You can watch the full, uncut 60 Minutes story here.

In the process of conducting the investigation, Gen. Flynn was surprised to establish how integrated the Gülenists were into the Clinton Machine, both as major contributors to the Clinton Foundation and the Hillary Clinton campaign. He was equally puzzled to find that Gulenist charter schools were receiving more than $750 Million annually from U.S. taxpayers.


Outside the scope of his commercial engagement with Ekim, he decided to publish the 2016 Election Day Op-Ed in The Hill. It can be reasonably assumed the Gülenists were in full panic mode by the end of Election Night having been exposed as an radical Islamist cult and seeing their preferred candidate defeated.

Fethullah Gülen and his so-called Gülenist movement have amassed a multi-billion dollar global business empire including interests in multimedia, construction, banking, and trade. But their largest business is a worldwide chain of charter schools. Gülen-inspired schools are the largest charter network in the US with over 160 schools in at least 26 states and on U.S. Air Force bases.

The Gülenists are able to obtain lucrative government contracts to build and maintain the schools. They also use the schools to import Gülen followers from Turkey to work as math, science, and even English teachers by way of H1B visas. Gülen schools are among the nation’s largest users H1B visas, even more than Google.

Credible accusations have been made in lawsuits in Ohio, Texas, and elsewhere that teachers brought in from Turkey are forced to kickback up to 40% of their (US taxpayer funded) salaries to the Gülenist movement which is a federal crime.

The Gülenists are a major funding cog in the Clinton Machine donating heavily to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Clinton Foundation as well to many close to the Clintons and other Establishment figures.

Just the US charter schools alone receive an average of $750 million in US taxpayer funding each year, and that doesn't include all their other business interests inside the US and elsewhere.

Right before he was set-up by the FBI, Gen. Flynn was warning about the danger these schools posed to American national security and that they were being used as a funding mechanism for the Clinton Machine and radical Islamic terrorism. The Trump administration has recently considered cutting off funding for the schools at the urging of advisors close to the President such as Rudi Giuliani, but the funding remains in place due to resistance from elements inside the U.S. State and Education Departments.

The Clintons have a long history of corruption and selling out US interests to enrich themselves. The FBI, DOJ, US Media, and Deep State Establishment, who worked to cover up and obfuscate investigations into the Clinton's corrupt arrangements, are the exact same actors who set-up and framed Gen. Flynn, Ekim Alptekin, and the other Mueller Investigation victims.

There is little doubt Fethullah Gülen and the Gülenists rely on the same type of corrupt career bureaucrats inside the U.S. State Department (which Secretary Clinton ran under President Obama) and other federal agencies to both shield "Turkey's Osama bin Laden" from extradition for his alleged role in the July 2016 coup attempt of a NATO ally, but also to aid in their alleged H1B visa fraud scheme. This despite repeated warnings from US embassy officials in Ankara to Washington DC as far back as 2003 warning Gülen could have a "sinister and radical agenda".

That's Ekim's story in a nutshell ... the proverbial "Two Birds with One Stone". By charging Gen. Flynn, Ekim Alptekin, and Gen. Flynn's business partner Bijan Kian with fictitious FARA violations; then carrying out a well coordinated information campaign to "dirty up" Ekim as a "Shadowy Turkish Businessman", the Mueller Team succeeded in both protecting a major Clinton political ally & donor, and setting up & framing Gen. Flynn on charges that were just as bogus as the Russian Ambassador / Logan Act charges.

They didn't think twice about destroying Ekim's business and career, trashing his reputation, and bankrupting an innocent man and his young family simply as collateral damage in an attempt to take down Gen. Flynn ... and therefore President Trump. It's shameful.

If you thought was the end of this sick story, once again you would be mistaken. The DOJ is still pressing the criminal case against Ekim Alptekin and Bijan Kian which Flynn attorney Sidney Powell blasted as a “wrongful and wasteful use of scarce taxpayer resources.” But also, Left Wing media and corrupt Deep State officials have begun signalling their next plan of action once Gen. Flynn is cleared of the current charges.

If President Trump fails to win reelection, the Biden DOJ will come after Gen. Flynn again on the Turkey / FARA hoax. That means they will come after Ekim Alptekin with all guns blazing. By trashing his reputation, they are in turn trashing Gen. Flynn's. They will use Ekim as a means to convict Gen. Flynn both in the media and in US federal court.

This is why Ekim Alptekin's story is so important and needs to be shared. The more people hear his story before mainstream media succeed in further trashing his reputation, the more that's being done to assist Gen. Flynn in his defense.

Please share this with whoever you can ... and Thank You for all your support.

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